Free Bitcoin Cash Wallet


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Why is there no ads available?

This can be due to your location. Some advertisers consider different countries to be bad traffic, so no videos are available. There is not much we can do about that. In the future, we will add more earning options.

Why is the reward less than displayed?

Our app has a system to calculate the reward amount. The price of BCH moves up and down each day, so rewards are adjusted. The formula is: (win amount) * (reward_rate) = (final reward). Sometimes, the reward is lower so videos can be shown to you.

Why does it say to use a BCH address, not BTC?

Yes. You must use a Bitcoin Cash address (BCH) as we do NOT support BTC. We use the cash address format.

I sent funds to the wrong address!

Transactions are not reversible. Make sure to paste your correct address.

My withdrawal is pending, why?

This is a security check. During the pending proccess, your account is checked for bot related activity. You will see a TXID within 24 hours after making your withdrawal.

How to get a gift code?

You can get a gift code by joining our telegram channel. Every week, we give free gifts to our users.